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  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • Comes in pack of 10
  • Standard 2HB pencils
  • No wood products are used in making Greenciles®
  • Great for all uses: writing, drawing, sketching and drafting
  • Synthetic erasers
INCLUDES: 10-pack of Greenciles®

An environmentally friendly way to write!

Have you ever thought about what goes into making a pencil? First of all, a tree needs to be cut down in order to supply the wood. Then, graphite needs to be inserted inside the pencil so you can write. When it’s all said and done, what you end up with is a standard, ordinary pencil that isn’t actually eco-friendly.And that process is only for one pencil. Now, multiply that by 14 billion, and that’s how many environmentally unfriendly pencils are produced and discarded each and every year. That’s quite a toll on forests, eco-systems and landfills.

Greenciles® are the revolutionary, environmentally-sensitive pencils that are made completely of recycled paper. With no wood in them whatsoever, Greenciles® give you the same great writing quality that you would get from a standard 2HB pencil, but with a greater benefit to the planet and the environment.

Better than conventional wood pencils

Traditional wood-based pencils are the result of heavy deforestation and manufacturing. In addition to harvesting wood, ordinary pencils need to be made in factories, thus increasing environmental harm and damage. Modern pencils are made by using an industrial-based method of mixing and firing, which ultimately ends up polluting the planet.

With Greenciles®, no raw-materials are required or used. Instead, Greenciles® are made completely of recycled paper of all kinds: newsprint, printer paper, stationery, etc. The paper is cleaned, reused and wrapped around a safe graphite writing core. As a result, Greenciles® are the cleanest, safest and most environmentally-efficient pencils you can use anywhere – at home, at school, or in the office!

We’re all told to think globally and act locally. There isn’t more of a local act than using an eco-friendly writing utensil. Great for all uses, including writing, drawing, drafting and sketching, Greenciles® takes paper out of the landfills or recycling plants and puts them back into your hands – as a high-quality 2HB pencil! If you’re looking to go green at home or the office, then start with the pencils you’re using. Order your 10-pack of Greenciles® today and write like you’ve never written before!

Just like regular pencils – only greener!

When you order your 10-pack of Greenciles®, you won’t believe how much they look, feel and handle like conventional 2HB pencils. Each Greencile® features a synthetic rubber tip, which makes it easy to erase your mistakes. Additionally, when you have to sharpen Greenciles®, instead of throwing out the pencil shreds, you can recycle them again!

Eco-friendly Greenciles® started out as used or discarded paper. However, through an incredible and environmentally-responsible retrieval process, old paper now has a new life as a unique and functional pencil!

More and more scientific studies are concluding that conventional wood pencils are doing more harm than good for the environment. Greenciles® eliminates the need to grow, cut down and harvest the wood necessary to create standard pencils. Greenciles® takes recycling and going green to a whole new level by taking paper and turning into pencils! Order your 10-pack of Greenciles® today and starting writing or drawing with an environmentally-friendly twist!




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Greenciles® vs. Conventional Wood Pencils

Materials Made from 100% recycled paper with graphite writing core Wood-based writing tool with graphite writing core
Process Environmentally safe-paper is recycled or taken from landfills to manufacture Greenciles® Wood is cut, harvested, then mixed and fired with clay powders
Recyclability Completely recyclable! Shavings can be placed in your recycling box. Wood shavings must be thrown out